Sauti ya wanawake

Sauti YA Wanawake

Sauti Ya Wanawake is Swahili for “Voice of Women”. We are a group of women who aim to help stop the abuse of children in the Watamu area. This this includes sexual abuse of children from all sections of society including disadvantaged and poor children, orphans from HIV related diseases, from single parent families and abusive homes. The main aims and activities of our group is to help generate awareness and support for those female children from disadvantaged homes who do not have the financial support to continue their education. We combine efforts to raise awareness for this and are involved in the protection of the environment, including working with alternative income ideas at EcoWorld Watamu. One of our businesses is the production of virgin coconut oil, which our ladies make locally and at EcoWorld from fresh grown coconuts.

We intend through fundraising and sponsorship to help support those highest achieving female students who would not otherwise have the opportunity for secondary education. Our aim is to be able to provide bursaries for a selected number of highest achievers. Through individual groups and the group as a whole, we have shown strength and unity and are largely self supporting through our unique table banking system. We are primarily self funded from our women’s small businesses as tailors, store owners, chicken farms, the running of small holdings and the production of food produce, to name but a few.

We can be contacted through our Chair Supa Nabala 0726780894

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