Getting There

Watamu does not have its own airport, therefore we suggest you fly into the Malindi airport, which is not yet and international airport. A 45-minute flight from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi is available through Kenya Airways, Jambojet, AirKenya, and Fly 560. A taxi from the airport into Watamu only takes about 30 minutes and should cost from 2000 – 3000 Kenya shillings.

There is also the option to explore more of the coast by flying into Mombasa first and then driving up the coast to Watamu. A taxi can cost from 4000 – 8000 Kenyan shillings depending on the company used. Flights from Mombasa to Watamu are also available. These flights are about 20 minutes long and are available through Jambojet and Kenya Airways.

Getting around Watamu is also easy. There are taxis available locally, but there are also more local transportation options available. This includes a Tuk Tuk, which are three wheeled enclosed bikes, and motorbikes that are locally referred to as a Bajaj. Exploring on foot is an option as well and a wonderful way to enjoy the area and immerse ones self in the culture.

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