Dolphin Watching

Watamu, Kenya is a haven, a natural sanctuary for families of dolphins including mothers and calves. Protected by Kenya Wildlife Service the Malindi Watamu National Marine Park and Reserve with the help of WMA the protected lagoons and islands are the perfect way to watch our dolphins, playing feeding, or having a party! Come and see our Indo Pacific bottlenose dolphins, and are Indian Ocean humpback dolphins in the wild, naturally.
Watamu Marine Excursions are the established dolphin watching tours guides with over 20 years’ experience. They will provide an informed experience, compliant with dolphin watching guidelines. Check out our Do’s and Don’ts to help you and the dolphins have the best experience. We encourage guests to stay in the boat for your and the dolphins’ safety, and remind guests that Watamu dolphins are wild animals and very protective of their young.
Our dolphins are best seen from November to April, although they stay in Watamu all year round, these months enjoy the calmest waters for best viewing. Come and spot our favourite dolphins. We know them personally. You can even help protect them by adopting a dolphin and giving him or her a name.

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