The Executive

Justin Kitsao


Justin is a local man from Watamu. He started his working life as a bird watching guide, which helped develop his love of wildlife and nature. Since that time he has worked with the Watamu Safari Sellers Association and over the last years as their Chairman. Justin has a close relationship with the Watamu local community and is an advocate for their rights.

Elcah Nafula

Vice Chairlady

Elcah or Erica has worked with the local women’s groups for the last 20 years. She has campaigned for women’s rights NGO and has worked within the Watamu Joint Sub- Location Women’s Group as their secretary in an effort to education and capacitate members of the community

Melinda Rees


Melinda has worked in Kenya for nearly 30 years in the tourism industry. She has managed a number of local hotels and is currently Operations Manager for Hemingways Watamu. She runs her own business also, and is keen to support local communities with a clear corporate social responsibility ethos.

Fazal Omar


Fazal has worked in the Watamu Marine Park for the last 30 years as a boat operator. He now leads and is the chair of one of the main boat operator organisations in Watamu, “Watamu Marine Excursions”. He advocates for responsible wildlife and marine life watching with Kenya Wildlife Service.

Lucile Ford

Environment Secretariat

Lucile is from the United States and came to Kenya over 30 years ago to work with Kenya Wildlife Service. She has campaigned for critically endangered species and has worked with challenging communities and conflict resolution situations. Lucile has fundraised for Kenyan NGO’s and has an excellent network within the wider NGO community

Ken Ombok

Tourism Secretariat

Ken is the perfect amalgam of community and tourism. He works with Turtle Bay Beach Club as their Community and Conservation Officer, which involves developing opportunities for the hotel guests to support community schools, businesses, and health projects. Ken is a supporter of responsible eco-tourism development in the area and especially from with the communities.

Benjamin Karissa

Community Secretariat

Benja works in Mida Creek with the Mida Creek Community Conservation, and has been chair of the group for a number of years for the last 15 years. Concerned for community betterment and the protection of the fragile eco system in Mida Creek, Benja is one of the founders of the successful Crab Shack Dabaso Restaurant eco business

Sammy Baya


Sammy is a local teacher and a very popular one with the children with a great sense of humour. A perfect candidate for becoming a health worker, with Dabaso Tujengane and their jigger flea prevention program “Wajimida Jigger Campaign”. Sammy is a familiar face at the EcoWorld Watamu Recycling and Eco Enterprises Centre where his group make natural soaps with neem tree oil #NeemDreams

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